Tell me something ….and I really want your views on this………why do we punish ourselves?
Some people think it is a measure of self-restraint that will make us harder and thus more capable of survivng this life. Is it really true? Or do we say it just because we believe that hardness is the best sign of anything good.(I dont know how to express this… forgive me if I sound stupid or weird). I know some people, myself included, who after going through a tough ordeal in life make themselves promis they will never make the mistake again.
The most common examples involve that four letter word which we all rever and hate the most, our views on it changing periodically. My views on it were different yesterday than what they are today.
Once we have been betrayed in love or life…we feel it was our mistake to let it happen. We should have been more carefull…….we question..Why was I so stupid?Why didnt I see it would end this way? It had happened before, I should have known better.
Then comes our punishment. I will never love again. I will never trust again. I will live life as a loner. I wont let some one else come close to me. I won’t be betrayed again.
We say all this and at that point we mean all of it.
It makes me wonder…….is it really suffering that tells us the value of life, of love, of respect, of affection, of forgiveness.
Maybe it does. Maybe it doesnt. I believe there is a balance, in tandem. Suffering and enjoyment teach us the truth.
Enjoyment teaches us the need for itself………need to respect life. It teaches us the need to respect and appreciate and adore.
Suffering tells us the real value of what we had enjoyed. Once we miss it or regret it…….we can see it more clearly.
Don’t know if this was helpfull……..but I think I will leave it at this abrupt end.
Thanks for listening.

Arul Vanorien


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