……….Why is it that the people we care so much for…always end up hurting you the worst???!
Why is it taht the people you think about night and day…..whose one tear tears you apart and leaves you helpless till you can make things better for them…whose one wish is the Divine Command ….whose pain is graeter than anything you’ve ever felt….the need of whose existence deicdes the cause you live for….why are they the ones who hurt us the most and the most often?

Why…just tell me WHY….!!!

Now that im cooling down a little…I can see the answer….as you probabaly already have. They hurt us the most..simply beacuse of the place they have in our lives…every single act they do has a magnified effect on our lives. We tend to ignore or forget acts by other people..but anything these loved ones do…has a very large impact on our life. Thye define us. heir smalles action…reverbrates in our mind…again and again and again.

When they leave us….alone…the pain..I cant explain it. We have all felt it at some time or the other. It just demeans the cause for your life. takes away the objective of your existence.
this is an ode for one such person. And my amaeturish words will never do her justice. She meant a lot to me. She was the first one i opened up to truly. about my feelings. my hopes. my raeasons. but this thing called fate and god would have something else for me. my words mean nothing to me if I cant dedicate them to her in some way or hte other. she was my inspiration. my reason to get back to writing. she was the cause taht brought me happiness when i was saad. the river in the desert…meeting her brought back the light into my life…now I am back where I used to be..where I had slaved for two years. Back to the enveloping hollowness of the darkness that once defined me. Even I dont know if i may ever write again…my light has died. Goodbye Kiddo…