Religion, the most debated topic ever. The most talked about subject ever. The biggest killer and the biggest saviour. Instead of talking about religions of the world and their impacts, i would like to talk about……………WHY ..why do we need religion.
is it because it is true….not everyone always belive’s taht. is it because we need something to belive in, something much bigger than us or is it just the nbeed for society, something to buil a social order with.


Have you ever been in the dark. Ever sat in the corner of your room with your arrms wrapped around you. Still with fear, fear of the pain. Ever felt the pangs of misery as you see your love slide into someone elses arms, and you let her go, willingly. The stab of jealousy, which just pulls your heart out, makes you cry out in sorrow. Crying at the worthlessness of your life.

Have you ever walked in the rain, ever cried in it. When you cry your tears mix up with the rain and you cannot tell where you are, whether it is your rebirth or the sorrow finally coming through. Just stare up at that cloudy sky and feel the grat pain of the sky as it creaks and roars. Feel the life you have lived, a life of misery and forlorn pleasures. You exist for them, and they exist to hurt you, even if they dont want to.

Lord save my soul from this torture of hell on earth.

Have you ever been in love. I have. It hurt me more than anything else in my life. She was the first person to make me cry. Silent tears that I hid from the world. Men dont cry i used to say to myself, again and again and again. and the very thought of her would rip my heart apart, to hear her use words of affection for someone else brought a pain so great, so raw, so brutal that i cannot describe it. When you fall in love with someone, you learn how to feel all over again. Every rose becomes redder, more fragnant and the thorns bite you worse, the pain becomes overwhelming.
I fell in love. It hurt me.
I dont regret it. Thank you God for doing what happenned to me. I dont think you people woulkd have understood what i said. It’s ok. This was just my heart crying out again, as it needed to.