A person is the best when he’s with soemthing he’s in love with.

She had said this to me just a few minutes ago……….sweet seconds ago.
That was my Kiddo…a person..who showed me what true love is. How it can be the most selfish and unselfish thing in the world …all at the very same time. For one second I am just Arul, writing to get the voices out of my head, in the next I’m just something else. But still a psycho.

There was a time, when the maddness was at its highest, when i had decided to stop writing, and go for my studies, full time,. I thought that was me….it bloddy well wasnt.

Then i met her, Philo and she rescued me from my own private hell. She gave me my alter ego’s Schizo and Arul. She made me fall in love all over again, with my self and my words.
Earlier i was just another psycopath on his road to self destruction, killing myself, slowly and surely. Choking on my daily dose of morose thoughts and pain, of love and hate. She gave me the wings i needed, to Fly away for some time so i could come back and be someone i could have been, and never would have been, without her.

And now that i actually have it with me, my words, my biggest love i know no one can take it away from me. At one time, When she had left me i thought…..that this time..i would deefinetly loose it. I wrote again…secods after she left…. two posts down….. But i guess…just like you cant stop loving a person…you cant stop loving …anything.

The love never dies, it just fades away to a corner of your mind.

Just thinking about her sometimes makes me want to cry… but i cant give my self that privilege ………… and what a fuckin privilege it is..aint it.
ya, know… I’m writin this post…only coz she asked me to. For the first time. I’m writing for someone else. This is an ode to her, of my respect, my faith, my happyness, and the most,,,my sadness and love for her. the cutest girl I ever knew. My sweet philosopher. Kiddo … I hope I will make you proud one day.