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The lesson of the leaf

A new leaf was sprouting out of the stalk. It was a bright green in colour. Something that would make you happy if you just glimpsed at it. A drop of dew fell on it from the bigger leaf just above it as a nice warm breeze blew around it.
Very soon it will develop into a full bright leaf and will help the plant, its mother, in its metabolic life. Someday someone might smile just because they looked at it and felt satisfied and happy inside themselves.
The leaf is happy because it serves a purpose. It has a life of its own. It is a being in itself. and while being itself it is also part of something big. a whole plant whose survival depends on others just like him. they live together and die together. When one leaf dies its important that others take over the dead leafs job and honour its passion and work. Then a new leaf would rise in the shadow of the old and carry on the work that leaves need to do.

If it takes fancy it could break away from the plant and fly along in the wind. A beautiful flight alone, unhindered. it floats in the air in a lofty airy way. It is happy and content. It talks to the wind and the wind smiles back, busy with its own work but always free enough to smile back an encouragement.
The leaf is happy. It is seeing the world. It is doing something it always wanted to. See the other worlds, meet insects and flowers. feel their touch and smell. take in the air around it every new place it goes.

Soon the leaf, without the help of the old plant that is now a tree, start yellowing and it learns that it is now growing old and weak. Death is not coming.
The leaf smiles and never stops. The bug asks it why it is smiling even if its going to die very soon. The leaf says – I lived a content life, I shall die happy and alive.
The bug thinks the leaf is crazy and goes away muttering. The old leaf rustles in the warm autumn wind, now shining slightly with a gold pallor, reminiscing in the glory of its younger years.
As it gets closer to the ground for its last stop it talks to hundreds of other just like him, travelers, nomads of the world of silent truth.
The leaf tells of what it has learnt in its life. Some get frustrated by it and call it an old mumbling fool who did not know that life is not as beautiful as he makes it seem.
The leaf talks of its old heartaches and sadness, a life full of colour and vibrant with experiences it had told many times over. The young sapling learns from it and the tree shuns it away. He floats to his end still telling his tale to any who cares to hear. the young are the most eager. he continues till he can and ends it all with a smile.
It dies leaving behind a legacy that many have felt and become a part of though no one really knows it.

It lived on forever.