Inspiration…thats the missing ingredient in my life
Once she went out and so did everyone else who was adding to the trash in my brain..i seem to have lost track of where my life’s headed..
earlier everything was done keeping her in mind..i had to get a job so that this and go to this city so that that…or save money for her and this and god knows what not

but now that our “relation” is severed i get the feeling that I’m a free man..but I’ve lost direction on the road i was traveling
i don’t know my priorities in life and I’ve lost the biggest inspiration a man can have
I’m like a ball rolling along without a purpose not knowing where to stop or slow down or turn….. every thing’s just another continuation of the present now……..confusion persists in everything.

I don’t know what i want to do for a living or what my lifestyle should be like..what my academic and my personal priorities should be and i havent take nthe time out ot figure it out..even though i had enough time..

was t because i was too confused to understand this in my brain or maybe i was too scared of the fact that such a mess was present in my mind when i was telling myself all the time that all my troubles and hurdles are now gone.. I’m a free man.
I’m a free man without a road to travel on……………..

i need to slow down and take count….need to understand what i want and what i should do…but everything around me is happening so fast…i have goals i want to achieve right now or goals for the future..but they conflict with other incoming ideas or in other cases i dont knwo how i am to end up achieving these goals………….