I missed the bus every single day.

The bus stop was not even on my route. I just happened to be there one fine day, lsot after another of my drunk sojourns in the old town. Another night that was meant to be a blurred image of things I did but never could remember.
But i guess the fates though enough’s enough, and took things in their hands and sent her there.

So here i was at this little street corner in some part of the town I had never been to before. I was too drunk to even stand so I went and sat down on the first bench that hit my eye.

A calmness, one known only to those purveyors of fine wine, hit me hard. My vision was about to zero out in a couple of minutes; i could tell from experience that id end up spending the night on the bench or in a little jail cell in the local police station.

But before I could fade away my eyes glanced upon her. A woman coming up the road in my direction. She carried many parcels in her hands. As is usual with me, my eyes went to purvey her body but somehow I couldn’t do it. The mind kept flitting right back to her rich brown hair. It seemed as if it would smell of coffee and chocolates. But what really had me were her eyes. Glimmering black pearls they shone so bright and with such love that for a minute I could think of nothing but ways of thanking god for creating such perfection.

Her gaze met my stare for a second and she passed a smile. Not the seductive pleasures I was used to, but rather a warm and gentle hug sort of smile. I’ve only read this in books but at that moment it felt like there was sunshine and wind chimes everywhere. She stopped just a few feet away from my bench at what seemed to be a bus stop and put down her bags.

I couldn’t do anything other than stare at her. She was such a pleasure to look at. I don’t remember blinking even once. I just stared.

My heart seemed to skip a beat and my mouth went dry. I tried getting off the bench and introducing myself to this strange encounter who seemed to fill the whole place with sunshine and lilies but as soon as I tried I fell down from the bench and hit myself hard on the head.

She moved ahead to help me but a man in a long overcoat got to me before her and helped me sit down. He dropped a coin in my lap.

What! Did he think I was a homeless drunkard…!!!!

Then her bus arrived and she left.

The very next day I came again to that very same bench. I don’t even remember how I found the place again. This time I was sober. A fear gripped me that all this was a dream and I had imagined the girl up in my state of intoxication. But the pain my neck seemed to disagree.

And just to clear things up, she came again. Again carrying a half a dozen parcels in her hands. The same vibrant smile and lovely hair. Again the lust that I assumed would grab hold of me seemed to be a silent spectator and something else seemed to be happening inside my head. I kept staring at her and I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t.

Things went on the same as yesterday to an extent. I sat on the bench and stared while she seemed to be lost in hr own world, singing old lyrics and humming children’s tunes.

Why was this woman so important for me??!!

I watched her board the bus again. The number 12. But I never boarded it. I had no idea why.

Fo a whole week the same thing continued. I cant even remember the dresses she wore or if she had jewelry or not. I cant even remember if she was a tenner or a niner.

All I remember to this day are those eyes and the smile.

So I was sober for the whole coming week and stood there at the sme place at the same time everyday. She came, always wit those parcels in her hands. Always I stared at her and she chose not to make an issue out of it.

Then one day she stopped coming

I don’t know why, maybe because she was afraid of me, maybe she left town. Maybe she used to come there for some work and then it was over so she no longer came.

I never found out. I was scared of following her on the bus or maybe I just wanted to preserve those moments of joy as they were, afraid that nay confrontation would just destroy it.

All I know is that I staring at her for those two minutes was the best part of my life. Ever.