Romance is such an endearing notion. The belief that an idea, a person, a thought, a moment can mean so much to a person sounds preposterous at times but it is a part of being a romantic. I’ve known for ages that im a romantic but I don’t think id be able to describe what romance is or who a romantic is if youd have asked me.
I’d like to think about it now.

Maybe romance is a notion of obsession. To be obsessed with something till your heart cannot push it out. To feel the thing throb with every beat of your heart. Maybe romance is the notion of a utopian dream. Maybe it’s the belief in things at their best or better.

Maybe it’s a dream we all would love to dream but only those who are do.

But most of all, I believe, romance is the concept of beauty.
To believe in it. To want it. To appreciate it. To desire it and to cherish it.

Maybe romance is also the desire to be in love, always.
To feel it, even if we cant have it.

A loner isn’t always sad. A sad man isn’t always a loner.
One who has everything need not have nothing.


My Fate, and maybe yours too…

Every time I see the mirror

It’s a face staring blank

Shadows of my past;

the ghosts of yesterdays.

My life is naught,

it haunts me still.

Every face, a hollow tear.

Deathly lives, shadowy graves

The pain is here to stay

My life does fade away

The death of yesterday

A blank on tomorrows face

The plague consumes it all

All at stake, lost everything.

The worlds collide, as I try my last sacrifice.

Save it all again,

from a dark retribution.

The messiah of death is here,

Who will save god now?

Fear is his name,

death his slave.

Clasping the blade of death

the reaper is here to stay.

Lost within my head

he steers me to my grave

Death will take us all

But fear will lead and sway.

To a hollow life,

a meaningless fight.

We fight but do not know

the prize dearly awaits!