There was little left. What was left was there only to be destroyed yet again.
How could you even die in this hell.


“Why did i live to see this day, What sin haveI done to see this.”¬†


“I thank¬†god that he left me blind from birth. I wish I was deaf too. I wont forget them shrieks for the rest of my life. It’ll haunt me til i die. I know.”


“They killed my son. They crushed him to death. Right here. Here, infront of my eyes.” A mother howled as blood dripped down her skull.


“This village is dead. Those of us left,, what have we left for. Our families no more. Murdered in front of our eyes. My child saw hsi own father cry out for mercy as he lay there, hopelessly. What can we do anymore. Its gone. Its all gone. Theres nothing anymore. Nothing.”


Smoke creeped out of the houses as if it was scared of what was wrong with the atmosphere. A stink of death and misery filled the whole place. birds were too scared to take flight and dogs ran and hid in the bushes. Dead bodies lay everywhere in the street, half naked, mutilated; all dead beyond belief.



“I saw them coming from the Norhean road, like a hoard of wild horses. They crushed down everyone who stood in their way. Thye came flying out of that nothingness and killed us all.”


“Is god no more”


Flies came and went from one body to another, their wings making the only sound. Other than the crackling of the fire. It seemed asthough even the wind had died.


For days no one cried.