She talks to me and i cant tell her hwo i feel…

i year for your ear buti cant ask you to lend it …

ur glad when im sad … so i cant even tell you how much i need you right now


I still feel numbed and hollowed. Not even a tear drop or the need to portray myself as someone strong. The clouds seem to be hovering lightly right over my head, not settling not moving away. They just stay in constant motion around me.
I feel ur loss, the tears almost come but they dry up before i can let them go. You left us so suddenly and maybe for the best. I believe for the best, but just thinking i might never see you again. Never hear ur voice calling out to me, pulling my leg, scolding me, poking fun at everything, playing badminton, eating out and cursing the ccd folk for horrible service.
Meeting u after so many months, laughin playing and meeting someone new.
Calling u everytime i felt ur need, wanting to rush over to you at the slightest………………………..i jsut cant stop thinkin about you ….. i loved you .. i love you and i always will ….