Frustrated man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 its so infuriating .. when your friends just bail on you .. the people you thought were gonna be with you forever .. and then they just turn aroun and never even notice ur not around ………………
she … well i htought we could be friedns forever … or pretty long anyway …. and now .. not only has she stopped caring but shes even blocked me out .. cant even take 5 minutes out in a day ………. shit … and i trusted her nd what not … maybe im overreacting .. maybe im jsut acting liek a dork …. maybe u cant undestand what im really going through coz i cant tell u the story … there is that little privacy thing that holds these instances confidential na ….. but all in all … i can just say this
i feel betrayed …………. like u took our friendship and stabbed it .. over and over again .. and then walked away not even remmembering any of it …

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