Lies are the masks he wears .. wisdom is the crutch he walks with … knowledge the sword he bears and courage the shield that gives him strength ..


Suppose your arm is numbed and then cut. You can see the hand crippled, your bones ragged ends jutting out .. your feet lie stained in small pools of blood you can see flies sitting on the heart of the wound … little pieces of flesh falling down from the rotting ends.. but you simply don’t feel the pain that you should be searing through what was once your arm.

Next imagine your sitting in the room next door but not numbed. You can see the little axe kept near the door that the man in the black mask will soon wield, but you do not know what he will do to you. Something is bound to happen, the gleam of the blade tells no lies. You could live, die or be crippled. But maybe tonight or tomorrow or some day when you just wake up from a sweet dream shouting as the pain rips you apart. But sometime later the pain will fade and you will be able to feel what is left of your body.
Which is worse?
Watching your friend get hurt or waiting to be hurt yourself.
I pray i never find out.