Love makes you stupid.

Stupid stupid stupid.

You do things you would never do, you act out in manners never deemed possible.

I end up being a total jerk to my girl more often than not. Usually I make an excuse and ‘almot’ get away with it but your never truly forgiven for these sins now are you. More of a statement than a question.

The reason is obvious yet something the ego does not allow me to face easily. By loving you I have given you power over me. I have given you the capacity to humiliate me and crush me. You are the nicest, sweetest person ive ever met but that does not stop me from believing that since you don’t feel the same way about me like I do about you, you will crush me when you get the chance.

My biggest weakness was handed over to you by none other than me. So I act out like a 5 year old who thinks he’s god. I dare you, I make fun of you, I ridicule myself or I just do things that are downright plain stupid. And I do this all in a feeble human attempt to defy your power over me.

You would probably never hurt me, but fear makes me hurt both you and me.

Love makes you stupid.

No wonder im destined to die alone.


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  1. just stumbled upon your block..this seems to be like ur journal that shud be kept private..this is a common mistake we all make, hurt the ones we love…deosnt mean u will die alone. i beieve u will find smone who will love u as well and then this ego will vanish..pray for tht day buddy and be on the look out of one who loves u and try and love back

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