Willoan (Continued)

And the dream of desire did Willoan dream. Once he sat, awake in the darkest hours of night, wondering what it was like to yearn. to yearn for a person, a thing and emotion. Wondering and not feeling. Only imagining what it would be like to feel the dark wind of desire upon his being .. until the day that he was cursed.

Walking by a glade he heard a tingle. A soft murmur he mistook for the wind at first. But soon his being was aware that this sensation was far more than any he had felt before. It was a shiver riding through his body, a sensation wilder and stronger than any he had ever felt. He moved through the glades like a being possessed. A man at his wits end, searching frantically for the essence that had ensnared his mind. Searching for the one who would set him free. For he knew it was more than a mere thing. It was more.
More than he had known and more than he could fathom.
He moved through the grass, dancing to the tunes of the winds till they led him to the deepest depth of the wilderness and revealed to him the knowledge they had for so long kept preserved. Waiting for him of pure mind. Waiting for a heart that could capture it, waiting for the beat that would match its passion, waiting for the soul that would stir at its calling. And He was here. Here to feel its majesty, here to respond to its call. The trees might now know to what they had called, the darkness did not know what it had enveloped, the birds did not know to what they sang, but He knew. For he was in love.
A dark message it certainly was, a road wrought with fear, passion and pain. One destined to send those of a weak heart running for the familiarity of loneliness, for the weariness of an existence devoid of love.
But Willoan was smitten. He knew the pain was but a risk, a price for a gift life had bestowed upon him. Love was his to call and her’s to answer. Even if she was never his, his emotions could not be denied. They, for truth, were there, an absolute in no ones powers to deny. He may suffer, he may wilt in pain but now he knew of an existence far higher than any he could have have imagined. He wished for her but the existence of this love was more than enough to dignify his existence.
He was in love, and that is all that mattered.