Once you’ve felt its sting, theres no going back.

No i dont mean that youve felt her presence in a passing fancy or met him in passing at a bar or a club.

I mean when youve been owned by it once thers no going back. You are no longer your own man without him/her/it by your side.

It changes you, it moves you and it compels you. Not by itself. She shows you the light of day and you cnat help but follow the new path revealed to you … Freedom!

Rock and Roll, Fantasy or Love .. fit whichever you want into this paradigm .. the answers remain the same.

Let There Be Rock.
Love and Let Love.
Fly to your Fantasies.


She cries when she sings,
But sometimes shell just swirl up and fly,
holding, waiting, wavering
then like a feather in flight
she’ll whisper by
then shine like a dream
and even resound older dreams …
she sings as she cries …

i love it so i wondered why