a little boy sits alone
waiting, for daddy to come home

you tell me
is the cost worth the fight

they tell me
this world is changing

the tide,
is turning

but all i can see
is hatred wearing a new mask

all we seek
is a reason to hate

to justify this fate

the boy still sits alone
waiting for daddy to come back home

his wait is lifelong
because daddy earned a medal in the war

a little bit of tin
and gold and brass

to help bury daddy in the old brown grass

they tell me
the tide is turning

but all i see are these walls

people turning strangers
hatred becomes just another commodity

everything is worth what it sells for
ideas are all just another merchandise
love is only meant for sacrifice

tell me why
why would i want to live this life

but yesterday i had a dream
of a world that wasn’t so strange

its never too late
till the day you give up

they say
the tide is turning

lets pick up our brothers in arms
and walk down the shadows lands

light the path along the way
make sure, the tide is turning

break down these walls around us
make sure break the ones that surround us

the tide is turning
it surely is turning

the change is there to come
lets play our part
and make sure it comes

oh yeah, the tide
is turning


The legend of the Birthday Cake

There once was a man,
all wizened and old,
who came a drifting to town;

set down for shop,
and opened his pack,
selling legends for a crown.

I passed him by,
didn’t look once back,
till I heard a weezing sound;

“Come ‘ere my lad
and listen to the tale
ere the night falls down”.

So this is the legend,
of the story of the tale,
of how the name day came to be:

“There once was a knight,
all fair and tall,
whose heart a lady had won;

and then came the night,
all dark and long,
when his heart she trampled on.

So traveled sir knight,
the lands too far,
hoping to end his curse;

but walk all he might,
there was never a night,
when the knights tale wasn’t worse.

He lost his heart and slowly his soul,
till he decided to have a go,
at slaying great beasts and doing great deeds,
Oh anything that would swallow him whole.

Traipsing down the countryside,
he came up to an old inn door;

Knock he did and walked right in,
snorting like a boar.

I come to you,
o villagers damned,
like a beacon in the darkest night;

I come to you,
to save your souls,
for I, am the bravest knight.

The barkeep stood,
and polished his stool,
for the room was deathly still.

And then right there,
a child did come,
and challenged him to a test of his skill.

Come with me,
in the dark of the forest,
and slay this beast o yea.

Six heads spouts fire,
and mighty it stands,
but its weakness i say to thee.

And into his ear,
he whispered the secret,
of how to kill it for sure.

For all we know,
He told the knight,
of a special kind of lure.

so sir knight walks in
to the forest so dark
hoping to slay this beast

dreaming as he did
walking past shrubs
of a veritable feast

how grand will it be
when i walk back to town
hold its heads in my hands

and i am sure
to become the topic
of the songs of many a lands

deeper in the forest he walked
traipsing up and down
till finally he came, to a dark wood door
all fat, lovely and round

he knocked and he waited
he stood and he sated
his thirst from a brook not too far
which made a bustling sound

slowly a creak he heard
and surely before him he held
the door was open and out of it came
a little girl with hair all black yet bright

Who are you and what do you want
she screamed at the top of her lungs
it is not right to come barging in
to make fun of others plight

sir knight looked on
as the girl looked back
and a small tear he could see in her eyes

and then he knew
the dragon would wait
till he had set everything allright

tell me friend
how can i help
a child so innocent and sweet

she looked at him
all doe eyed and wild
jumping up and down

help me now
for a beast did steal
my cake and a plastic crown

sir knight sir knight
it was such a night
that i sat alone and dreamt

of eating my cake
for my nameday’s sake
my hair all wildly unkempt

i live afar
from ,my home in the stars
and all my friend i do miss

but a cake is all i want
and the little plastic crown
and my nameday will be spent in bliss

sir knight went prancing by
prancing and jumping
without a pony in sight

he jumped and he sighed
and looked on high
oh looking to pick a fight

finally he came to another door frame
and wondered what it was with them

hey keep jumping out from out of sight
doors in every dark glen

(the legend of sir knight, the birthday girl and her birthday cake shall be continued later … )

(and yes i haven’t forgotten the little plastic crown either)

Some one-liners a friend had penned down from my chats with him from YEARS AGO … way older than these blogs … they remind me of a much funnier time in my life …

Some people are just born weird ……… and some others just make themselves weird …. like me …!!!

Bein singles great … but bein commited to someone who really cares about you .. is even better(this one courtesy Val Gal)!

Some are born stupid …. others involuntarily try their best to surpass them…!!

Life can be fucked up ,,, and I (we) can make it even worse….!!!

Sometimes confessing it all to a stranger aint that bad an idea … !

Try too hard and you just might be termed an idiot…love too truly and they start laughing in your face … !

there are those who want to lead ….
there are those who can lead..
and then
there are those who should lead…

dont love too much ….. unless you get a bit of that love in return ,,,!!!!!

Deep down inside ,,,,,,,,,, Ever Girl’s Just a Girl!

People dont understand me ,,, because i dont show myself inthe ways they are used to…they become unknowingly blind…when its all there in front of them….and then they say i act weird….im an open book,,,you jsut dont know which pages to turn,,,,,!!

Darknes is not just the abscence of light..its the presence of profound

we all like to love…but sometimes….some of us are too scared..some are too hurt…and some are just blind!

There’s one love in your life…and if that dies away….dont be scared….you might be lucky enough to get a second chance…dont fuck that up….please…!!! (i still dont know if this is true,,,) [ever since writign this for the first time … i learnt it was true but that theres no replacign THE ONE or the FIRST ONE and i guess youll never know either till you die]

theres more to life than love….its the most importatnt thing..but not the only thing

Dogs and cats..dont get along…coz they were told theyre not supposed to!

……everything can be messed up because of presumptions..!!

Smoke..drink…do everything you wanna..as long as all the side-effects are limited to ONLY YOU…!

Love messes you up….worse than a paper of calculus…!!!