To be lost and never found

To be lost and never found, to swim around and never drown.

To live by the night and die by the day, to fall in love and then fall back all over again.
Walking down the hall to the upstairs basement, or looking through the glass at the image of your shadow.
Lifes got you confused ,, like in a hazy and dreary dream, dont know where to go, dont know where you’ve been.
Keep returning where I’ve already been ….lost to be never found, always just turning around.
Drowning, if only to swim around.
A series of questions with answers in parables ..stories of the past meant just to steer your future away.
For my friend, ‘Dont look into the blinding dark or ull end up burnt and blind,
dont loose your faith again .. for this time it might not be found.. may be lost and never found.

i have this urge … this need to be high …..
to loose myself … to fly .. to dream to sink to swim

to let go and gain control after i regain my senses …..

why do we want to be high .. i dont about you … but i think one of my reasons is because of the detachment … when we loose control of ourselves .. our restraints … our .. taught and learn’t nature …. we become who we really are …. i loose all sensation except the truth seeping inside myself …. the real me …………

im floating in a dream ..i can be high on water if my mind wants to .. i can go high on floyd .. i can be high on emotions … i can be high on alcohol (rather .. rarely ‘used to be’)

i can looose my inhibitions …. just feel and forget the emotions the go through me …
i write best when im in a state like this .. maybe because at that moment of time nothing is true except for what i am and who i am … i can feel the real me calling out to break the chains of reality and accept the truth ….. to be I and not ME …..

the me i am not the me ive learnt be …………

How much does a smile cost …………………..
nothing to give .. but a fortune to receive ….

Why ….

because a true smile is the rawest of emotions .. the deepest of connections … the truest of feelings … the best of memories ….

It can toucha chord in your heart that sets the melody ringing …
its the single candle that shows you the light to your path ..
the strength to finish what you have to ….
it is … the best thing that can happen between two people ….