As he drove into the patio he noticed the moon gliding behind the dark blue clouds again. It had been doing that all night now ,, now you see it now you dont … flirting with his mind . .. almsot teasing him to dare and find it. Its funny how u can see the shadow of a woman in almost everything around you .. even when ur not hinking about her.

He let the car be there, hed put it in the garage in the morning. As he got out of it though he couldnt help but smile at some memories that were quietly creeping back into his mind. Teasing little sensations that you learn to live with or theyd crush you to your grave.
He finally got out and unlocked the door. It seemed the maid had been about her business, the place was spotless, certainly not hte way he had left it earlier that day, or was it yesterday.. he didnt know nor care.
The alcohol was slowly settling down in his veins and he could feel its presence as he walked swinging from side to side to the his room. But sleep was not his tonight. he kept tossing in bed like a fifteen year old with a crush. You wanna think about it but you dont know what it is. But as the mood glided between the curtains and onto his face he took it to be a sign and walked out on to the balcony. A slight breeze was blowing and it made him feel chilly on the outside but his blood seemed to be burning with a rage of its own. Everythign made him feel uneasy. 
He poured out a glass of bourbone from the cabinet by his bed and felt it flowing down till he could almost feel it in his soul. But the uneasy feeling did not subside. 
Our man closed his eyes and tried to relax under the starlight and let the salty night breeze take care of everything for him. He tried to recall all the points he had to get cleared at the meeting tomorrow. He tried to imagine that girl he had met at his friends party a few hours ago but his mind didnt seem to be agreeing with his brain. Nothing made sense.
That was it, he knew what he had to do. 
It had been ages … months ,, maybe years.
He quickly got off from his chair and rushed upstairs into the attic where he was sure hed find it. THe lightbulb msut have blown a fuse but he continued to rummage in the dark, aided by the flirtatious cupid that was the moon. 
A box of old ledgers soon lost its place and a stack of newspapers followed in its path.
And there it lay, quietly in the corner looking almsot as good as it had fifteen years ago when he had bought it. He couldnt notice any rust in that dark.
Going back into his bedroom he found a small drawer hidden well within his closet that no one knew about. he took it out and placed it on his bed. The moonlight was jsut perfect as it reflected off the little steel box that he was looking for. Opening it he saw a picture of hers that he had attached to the inside of the box and suddenly it was like a huge weight had been lifted from his chest and he could breathe normally again. That uneasy feeling just drifted away as quickly as it had crept into him.
And there wiith the photographs of that lady were the words to a song he had sung to himself on countless nights as he lay alone in bed or drove on his bike or car .. words that he had written but never really told her of. Choking down all his emotions jsut to keep her a bit happier. Love can be mean … but not without a reason .. even if its painfull.
He too out the pages but didnt need to read them to know hte words, theyd been etched in his mind the day he scribbled them after crying over her … how his new friends would be shocked to know this man had once cried over a woman …. theyd never believe it.
He walked out into the blacony and suddenly the paper flew out of his hands and into flew away with the wind into the misty seas ……………
and he let it fly .. let the world know of my love ….
and quietly that man sat down on the floor and played a tune he had once written for someone special … he didnt notice how hte rusted strings cut his fingers till they bled .. he didnt notice that there were tears flowing down his eyes again after all these years …. he didnt notice that he really wasnt singing .. jsut mumbling … because in his mind …. he was laughing and crying … singing the song for the girl he loved …. then and forever…

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  1. I ve always told you one thing….ur words hold a beauty, a purity and an aura of sth thats jus wonderful…at times its unbelievable but honestly…ITS BEAUTIFUL…

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